Announcements and News

- April 5, 2016 Notice of Public Meeting on Expansion of White Lake Mobile Home Park - Mississippi Mills Municipal Offices: Click Here for Press Release.

Report: Over 100 persons attended the public meeting. Approximately 20 individuals expressed their concerns with the development of the trailer park on Hayes Bay. Mississippi Mills Council will now study the written submissions and set a date for a vote on the matter. This date will be announced on the MM Municipal website.


- White Lake Fish Habitat Project  - Press Release

- Shoreline Naturalization Program

- Zebra Mussels found in White Lake

- Map of Known Zebra Mussel Occurrences (Nov. 2015)

- Recovery Strategy for Blanding's Turtle

- Radio Interview: Heather Lang in conversation with

   Conrad Gregoire (June 11, 2016) on the WLPP. "The Valley This Week"

   on CJHR 98.7 FM, Renfrew, ON


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