Loon Surveys
The cry of the loon is one of the hallmark sounds of Northern lakes. A healthy and thriving loon population is one indicator of the health of White Lake.

Joyce Benham is an accomplished nature photographer and along with her husband Robert Carrière, spends one week in July of each year photographing and documenting wildlife sightings on White Lake. The naturalist couple from Hammond, Ontario document the number and location of loon adults and chicks and from file photos can recognize individual loons. Monitored annually, loon populations can be used to measure habitat health as well as threats from wave action, boat traffic and other factors contributing to changing loon populations.

The photos shown on this page were taken and are copyrighted by Joyce Benham.
Loon and Wildlife Surveys
Summary of Loon Surveys on White Lake
 OBSERVATION 2013 2015 2016 2017
Number of Adults 23  40  32  45 
Number of Mating Pairs 10  11  19 
Number of Chicks 16  17  16  21