White Lake Invasive Species
The Invading Species Watch program is a volunteer based monitoring program for aquatic invading species. It is an initiative of the Invading Species Awareness Program, which is a partnership between the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.
The WLPOA Environment Volunteers has been monitoring and sampling White Lake for invasive species since 2014. Since that time, White Lake has been infested with zebra mussels, invasive phragmites, spongy moth, and Asian milfoil. There are very likely more invasive species for which we have not as yet turned our attention. What is for sure is that there are a number of both plant and animal invasive species just around the corner which may infest White Lake in the near future. Invasive species can have a profound effect on water quality as well as our ability to enjoy White Lake.
For more information, please visit the Invasive Species Centre Website.
Zebra Mussels
Spiny Waterflea
Invasive Phragmites (European Common Reed)
Invasive Phragmites Documents 
Murder in the Marshes - the plant that destroys wetlands 
Invasive Phragmites - One Cottager's Approach
Phragmites Identification Guide
Phragmites Cell Control
Eurasian Milfoil
Spiny Waterfleas have not been observed in White Lake, however they are suspected of being present. Calabogie Lake is infected.
Information on the Spiny waterflea can be found on the Ontario  EDDMapS webpage.
Invasive Species Threatening White Lake
EDDmapS Species Information for Eurasian milfoil
Spongy Moth
Spongy Moth Infestation
Control of Spongy Moth
Quagga Mussel
Information on the Quagga mussel can be found on the Ontario  EDDMapS webpage.
Quagga mussels are similar to Zebra mussels except that they colonize both shallow and deep (muddy bottom) parts of the lake. The effects of these on water quality of lakes like White Lake can be profound. Quagga mussels have almost entirely replaced Zebra mussels in Lake Ontario.


We recently received a note from a teacher who recently delivered an environmental science lesson to some elementary students who found this page on Invasive Species to be of interest to them. 
They also decided it would be nice to return the favor, and so they picked out another educational page about invasive species for us to share with you!

"Clean Your Boat: Learn about Invasive Species" -

We want to thank Ms. Garcia & Katrina, Elizabeth, Julia, and Chris for this web link and to encourage them to read and learn as much as they can about nature. A very important lesson is that each and every person can make a difference. Thank you and best of luck with your studies!


Conrad Gregoire, Ph.D.