White Lake is located about 60 km West of Ottawa, Ontario near Calabogie to the East and Arnprior to the West.   
Physical Characteristics
Physical Data for White Lake
                 Length:                                  10 Miles/16 kilometers                       % Crown Land:                                           <20
                 Surface Area:                      5,608 acres/2270 hectares                 Lake Volume:                               74.74 million cubic meters
                 Perimeter:                            60.8 miles/98  kilometers                  Water Level Fluctuation:        0.6 meters                 
                 Greatest Depth:                  42 feet/12.8 meters                            Watershed Area:                         211.0 square kilometers (MAP)
                 Mean Depth:                        10 feet/3.1 meters                               Flushing rate:                              0.89 times/year
                 Height Above Sea Level: 530 feet/161.5 meters                        Number of Inlets:                        11 permanent (click here for map)
                 Littoral Area(Zone):                      90.3%                                       Number of Outlets:                     4 intermittent, 1 permanent