The White Lake Preservation Project is made up of volunteers from all parts of White Lake working together to ensure the long term health of White Lake.

Our partners, collaborators and contributing groups are listed below:
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WLPP Advisory Committee
Chair                                                  Janet Taylor
Chairperson, Science Committee   D. Conrad Grégoire
Water Levels/GIS                            Douglas Smith
Government Liason                         Janet Taylor
Social                                                  Joan Gregoire
White Lake Business Liason           vacant
Township Council Monitor              vacant
White Lake Area Coordinators       Douglas Smith
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Webmaster                                        D. Conrad Gregoire
Communications/Newsletters        vacant
Administrator/Secretary                Beate Schiffer-Graham
Membership                                      Alison Trusty
Advisor at Large                               Susan Gottlieb
Fisheries                                             Adam Pugh
Home Page
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